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How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners: 2022 Guide to build a Blog & Earn

New to blogging and looking for how to make money blogging as a beginner?

Then this guide will teach to everything you need to know about starting a WordPress blog from scratch and earning from it.

If you are new to WordPress tutorial for beginners and want to dive deep into a detailed guide, then head over to the web’s most detailed step by step guide on how to create a Blog on WordPress. **Once you’ve read it come back and continue on the step to earn easy money online.

There are many guides on the web but most of the blogger who has written them are just trying to promote a host to get their affiliate commission and not showing how to go about creating the ideal solution.

Here at SeekaHost, we have put everything in one place so you can simply start a blog with a domain name and WordPress Blog hosting account, which is free to use for 7 days. And if you already got a domain name, there are no costs for you to get started.

Why Create a Blog?

With many of us stuck inside or working from home this is the perfect opportunity to learn about blogging and how to make money from blogging whilst sitting at home.

How to Create a Blog and Make Money From Blogging?

I have put an easy to understand video guide that will give you the initial understanding of why and how to start, including what you need to build a blog.

Take 15 minutes and watch this first so you can understand what I will be explaining later on in this guide.

Understanding What A Blog Is?

For anyone new to WordPress, you might be wandering what exactly people mean when they refer to a blog rather than a website. And to answer this ill start simply by stating that a blog is a form of website, so they if its online, has pages and posts then it is a website. How ever the reason for calling it a blog is because it primarily relies on regular posts for its content, rather than a products, informational pages and other things you normally find on  a  larger website. To keep it simple its a small website for someone’s posts to be displayed, like a Facebook feed.

Make Money Online Blogging


A blog will have a post page as the main landing page and usually further extensions on the page or other pages with an About Us, Social sharing options but not a huge more. This makes it one of the most simple ways to create a website and the most effective in terms of posting content for others to see anywhere in the world. Unlike other social platforms this isnt limited to friends, anyone in the world with access to the internet can potentially find your post and follow your content through this.

Getting Started With Your Blog

If your brand new to blogging let’s start with the bare essentials. You need a domain ( which you can search and buy to suit your blog from our home page. Domains are bought for a year at a time but with SeekaHost you’re able to get it for up to 4 years or choose to auto-renew to stop anyone pinching your domain.

Next up you will need hosting for your domain, this means when people search for your domain they will be able to find a website connected to it as it’s being hosted by someone. You can check our prices for PBN blogs and find one to suit you. They start at as little as £0.95 per blog PBN blog or £1 per WordPress site.

Now that you have both your Domain Hosting and Site hosting you are ready to get started with building your site and making it suit your niche which we will talk about more in the next section. For your domain try and find a similar wording to your brand or blog type. Otherwise, it can be miss leading to the visitor when they are searching. For example, if you talk about travelling abroad on your blog, but it’s called Most people being suggested this site for an answer will most likely click on another site due to the site name not being at all relevant to the search.

Try to research some keywords for your blog first and try using these for the domain name or something similar. This way when anyone searches for an answer on a search engine and they see your result, they will realise on first look that both the title of the post and the website address are extremely relevant to their question. So are much more likely to click on your site for an answer.

Your Niche

To make money from blogging you need a find the right place for your site first. Decide what your niche is, to do this just ask yourself. What is it I offer that others don’t, or is better than others? Some examples might be that you have a make-up tutorial blog. There are many tutorial blogs out there but you focus on a specific side of the beauty aspect that not many others cover. This is your niche and you want to tailor everything to suit it.

It’s much easier to rank for a niche that not many others are promoting on their site. This is due to there being fewer answers online about that subject so by you making great posts about it, your much more likely to get noticed by the search engines and suggested as an answer.

You can of course compete for other niches that are more popular, but you will need to really put in some work to compete with the other more well-known sites. So it’s not impossible but hard when your getting started to rank for a very competitive niche.

Structure of Your Blog

The structure of your blog is important. It has to suit your niche and be easy to use for the target audience your aiming for. As there is no point in creating an amazing blog with great posts and fantastic content if your structure suits another niche better. If your a simple blog then make it simple for people to navigate and use. If your a food blog makes it clear from the outset that you’re a food blog by having search bars and recipe sections.

It also is important to plan the structure first as it can help you stop by over adding features too. For a blog needing only a blog page, homepage and about us page you don’t need a theme or template with hundreds of menu options or widgets everywhere. In this case, you would want to keep your structure simple.

If your creating a page about gaming but that also sells merch or has live streaming pages then you will need a different structure for your site. You would need lots of different selections, potentially an eCommerce time site with product pages.

Target Audience for Your Blog

Once you have decided on your structure and your niche, this will give you a much better idea of who your audience is. It is important that you target your key audience as primarily that’s who you want viewing your blog. If your writing about gaming news then you know that the audience will mostly be young, might want lots of colours and animations throughout the blog. Lots of exciting features and short to the point gaming articles.

If your blogging about the history of a country or area then you might want to target an older audience, or a more educational side and make articles in such a way that suits them. So for education and older people viewing you might prefer to write longer articles with fewer images and no bright colours. On the other hand, if you’re making a blog for parents and young children you would change again to a bright but educational style of the site to make the visitor know he or she is in the right place for their query online.

Building Your Blog

So now that you have considered all the first parts of getting started. Let’s move onto building the blog. Here at SeekaHost, we provide a huge amount of tutorial videos on your YouTube Channel.

Everything from buying a domain or hosting, to creating the site from start to finish or adding a variety of features to your site such as forms, forums, memberships and of course security on your site. So let’s get started with a few ways you can use to build your blog.

Standard Block Editor

When your get started with WordPress you will be started with the normal block editor. The way this works is you create your page block by block from the top to bottom of the blog post.

make money online by blogging

This has been made extremely easy to understand with the option you’re given. Simply start with a title, you can then choose different heading sizes and also paragraphs to fill in all the writing. You have many other options such as buttons, dividers, gallery’s, custom HTML, videos and so much more.

Simply choose the block you want to use and will every page from the top to the bottom.

Using Themes or Templates

With WordPress, you have a huge variety of themes and templates you can use to help build your pages. With themes, you can install a completely pre-created style of the site, with awesome homepages and menu selections. Widgets that vary so that you can choose a different style from your competition. And loads of other different visuals that you might want for your blog.

They have many different categories and you can choose anything from a new style theme or food, blogging or many other genres.

Templates are like pre-made pages for you. This saves you a lot of time as it will usually provide you with pages such as Home, About us, Blog page and so on.

WordPress Themes for money making blogs

Elementor Page Builder

A brilliant way to easily create pages from scratch using this plugin. Elementor gives you the ability to build your site by structuring it with blocks. However, this is more advanced than the standard block editor as you are given much more choice about the layout of the blocks.

Rather than having one like per block, you can choose a block with multiple areas within it. You can then drag and drop the features into the areas. By features, I mean paragraphs, heading, images and so on.

Money From Blogging

Make Your Blog Successful Enough to Make Money from Blogging

Before we get to how to actually make money from blogging let’s go over some of the points you need to know to make your blog successful. It is important that you are getting at least 1000 visitors a month to make it look attractive to anyone wanting to spend money. So with that let’s go over the main points you need to remember.

Posting Regularly

Search engines notice blogs that post regularly. These posts have to be of good value however and try to aim for at least 1000 words. Keep it to the point but provide as much information on the subject as possible to keep visitors on each page for longer.

The more posts you have, especially if you are using keywords that are been searched throughout will signify to search engines that you have some information that can answers people question more than a blog that only has 1 or 2 posts.

Building Backlinks

Building backlinks is a key feature of any successful blog. By this, I mean another site that has left a link directing their visitors to you. There are a few ways to achieve this, and the first one is of course asking for them. However, it’s not quite that easy. You have to provide some sort of incentive for the other site to want to link to you. And I don’t mean buying backlinks as we don’t recommend doing this.


The best way we have found is to find another site close to your niche or related in some way without being competition to each other. Send them an email explaining your site and how you would really appreciate a link back to you. This might be because you have linked out to this site already and really enjoy their content too or something complimentary.

In terms of incentive, we suggest offering a link back or simply letting them know that you often link to their site due to the great quality information they put out. Perhaps offering back some of your services or basically something that will make them think twice when reading the email. Just to be clear we don’t mean lie and say that you do these things but actually try and contact sites you have linked before as proof that you are happy to send visitors back to them also.

Another way is by building a PBN (Private Blog Network) this way you can control how many backlinks you are getting by using your own network. If you are interested in PBN’s you can check out our pricing plans here on SeekaHost. We strive to be the number 1 PBN blog hosting company, using Unique IP’s and Nameservers to make every blog completely separate from another.

Blog Appearance

Of course, appearance is key, along with a good structure a great appearance goes hand in hand. When visitor come on to your blog you want them to have a good visual experience. You need to use the right colours to suit your audience. Make sure that’s readable, doesn’t have errors and also can be viewed on both mobile and PC. Especially these days where more and more people just use the mobiles to search for stuff online. I always suggested building pages and viewing both the pc and mobile view whilst building to make sure they both look good.

Make sure as well as appearance that you have made the navigation process as simple as possible to make sure everyone understands exactly how to find what they want on your blog.

Adding Your Blog to Google Search Console

Not mentioned a lot but essential for google to index your site and send people to them when they search for terms. Adding your site to the google search console is easy and doesn’t take much time. Google will eventually send its crawlers onto your site and index your pages meaning they now have them stored and can be used much easier to answer search queries.

Using Key Words in Your Blogs

Keywords are a vital part of any site. They are used to help increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The way it works is that you have phrases searched a lot through Google and other search engines. These words or phrases get picked up by the search engines and saved as keywords as they are generated a lot of traffic. For example “how to start blogging” is a keyword that gets hundreds of thousands of searches. So by using this keyword throughout your article you know that you are trying to target anyone searching for this keyword or phrase on a search engine.

However, you also get the difficulty of keywords. For instance “how to start blogging” might get searched hundreds of thousands of times. But it has a lot of competition so to actually rank in search engines you would be competing with thousands of other articles with much more dominance than you with the same subject.

So then you look for similar keywords that also get a lot of searches but are much less hard to rank for. For example, I might change my keyword to “how to start a blog online” or “ways to start a blog 2021”

Use multiple keywords or phrases throughout your article and after some time you will start to rank for the keywords and be much more likely to be suggested as an answer to a google search.

If I search for a Blue Coat, you can see how the search engine has suggested this page due to all the keywords it recognises through the article in the picture below.

how to make a blog

How to Make Money From Blogging

So finally we have gone over everything you need to know about creating a blog and making it successful enough to make money from. So lets go over the main ways you can use to actually create some income now.

Google Adsense

By connecting your site up to Google AdSense you on based on either clicks or people purchasing products by following links from your page. This can be through images or text and can be shown on mobile and PC.

There is an application process. You will need to apply and have your site checked to see if it meets the criteria for google ads. If successful you can earn money and you can draw it out after you have made £100.



This is by far the most popular way of making money online blogging in 2022 and past years. By creating a great blog and driving lots of traffic to it, you can earn more and more from the traffic clicking on the google ads. Its free to get setup and once you have google ads you can easily add Google Ad sense to any other websites you have (limit of 100) There are also a ton of videos showing you how to connect t. But the Site Kit By Google Plugin will help you as it does a lot of the code adding stuff for you.

To get started with blogging you only need a Domain and WordPress hosting, the rest you build with your own creativity to make it look great and most of all have valuable content.

Affiliate Advertising

This in a similar way is by advertising another service from your site. You then earn a commission based on factors such as if they purchased a product, sometimes you can have what is known as a bounty, which is where you earn a certain amount every signup. There are lots of companies that offer this and the most well known is Amazon. You can create an amazon affiliate account for free and start advertising for them to start earning.

They will provide you a link with your code already in there and will keep[ track of any clicks or purchases anyone makes through the link you provided. This can be anything from individual products, to banners or even amazon prime bounties.

make money blogging affiliate

Guest Posting

Guest posting is big business once you have a site with thousands of visitors, a high DR rating and good domain authority.

You can charge anywhere between £10 and £200 depending on the site for someone to write a post about their site and include a link back to their site. I want to specify that this is not just selling backlinks as we feel that to be counterproductive.

If your selling guest posts on your site then you should only be accepting posts that are similar or related to your niche and that actually provide a good post with lots of information that will also help your site too.

Letting people guest post unrelated posts just to get a link back will eventually hurt your site as Google will recognise that so make sure to keep it to your niche and only accepts good quality guest posts.

make money from guest posts

Other Ways To Make Money Blogging In 2022

We have even more how to make money blogging in 2022. Even as a complete beginner you can find a way to suit you and start getting some income without even having to leave your house.

  • ClickBank Affiliate Program
    Advertise on your block and earn money from people clicking through your ads and purchasing products.
  • Sponsorship
    Get sponsorship for your blog once it gets many visitors and get monthly or one of payments to shows a certain brand.
  • Subscriber’s
    Set paid subscriptions from your member’s for them to see or use certain content from your blog.
  • Selling Merchandise On Your Blog
    After building a large number of visitors or following you can easily sell merchandise for your blog/brand by using a plugin like woo-commerce.
  • Flippa
    After creating a successful blog that earns a monthly profit you can choose to sell it as a business for a much larger one of payment.
  • Udemy/Skill Share
    Once you master the art of blogging successfully, why not try to teach someone else how to also reach the same success? Courses can be sold and you can earn a good amount depending on the quality of your course.
  • Fiverr/TextBroker
    Again, once you have mastered the skill of creating great blog posts, you can earn a good amount of money by blogging or writing for others. Large blogs sometimes employ authors to help create blog posts and with Textbroker you can get paid by the world depending on how good your writing is.

make money blogging 2022



After finishing this article you should now feel much more confident in knowing exactly what you have to do to achieve what you want from your blog.

You have all the knowledge you need to proceed forward and make a successful blog and hopefully achieve a good income from this by putting into action what we have just discussed. So we wish you the very best of luck on getting started with your awesome blog.

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