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Why You Need Expired Domains to Create a Private Blog Network

Lets find out why you need to use Expired Domains to create a Private Blog Network. PBN’s are growing in popularity for their ability to grow your main money site so its vital that you know about expired domains.

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What Is a Expired Domain

Lets get started first with what is a expired domain. So a domain first of all is your www.mysite.com address to reach your website. If you have ever brought a domain before you will know that they have to be renewed every year.

So for this reason many domains simply dont get renewed by the original owner. This can be due to a variety of reasons including forgetting to renew, not having the money to keep paying for hosting or simply not wanting to maintain the site anymore.

The domain then will go through a series of stages. First it will wait for around 30 days for the owner to be able to claim it back and at this point it cant be sold or auctioned. After this it will eventually make its way back to a registrar by means of auction to be sold for a standard price again. Usually between $10 and $20 depending on the company.

expired domains

So at this point is where we come in and try to search for these expired domains. The reason for this is because it holds some value to us for a Private Blog Network due to its domain authority.

Domain authority is something a domain will build up as it gets traffic, backlinks and generally has been grown previously to a successful website. So essentially you are going to be using this domain to start your PBN blog with so that you have a good ranking with search engines before you even build the site. And a better ranking means that by creating a backlink to another site your going to be growing that sites score also by passing down some domain authority.

expired domains

How do Backlinks Help You Grow?

Backlinks are used to help sites grow as it is showing google that this site is being referred to so must hold some information worth sharing. For example if I tell you that getting your hair cut with my friend Tom down the road is way better than getting it down in town, your much more likely to go to Toms barber shop. This is because I have referred you so the likely hood of anyone that speaks to me going to Tom is now quite high.

The same happens with backlinks. If a website is leaving a link to your blog or site (a dofollow backlink) it is effectively recommending you to all its audience that might view there posts. Search engines also recognise this and will rank your site or blog accordingly. If search engines notice that you have 100 different websites leaving a link to you and content o your site it will rate it much higher and there for send more traffic your way as it can see that others have found your page useful.

How ever it isnt quite as easy as getting any old expired domain and linking through it. There are good domains and bad domains so lets go through what makes a good and bad domain in the next part of the article.

What To Look For in a Expired Domain

A good expired domain will consist of a few key features, it isnt easy to find them and does require some knowledge and time to sift through many domains untill you find one that is good to use.

The key features to look for in a Expired Domain are:

  • How much traffic did it receive previously.
    Using programs like SEMrush, Ahrefs or WayBackMachine you can easily show you the domains history.
  • How many referring domain backlinks has it got?
    These are backlinks from different IP’s rather than one IP sending all the links.
  • What is the Current DR (domain rating)?
    The higher the rating the better, typically anything over 20 is ok and if you can get over 30 then thats a fantastic find.
  • Where are the backlinks coming from?
    Always check the backlinks, there might be 50k backlinks but if you find they are all spammy your out of luck.
  • Are their government, news or educational backlinks coming to it?
    Link from these types of sites will also been seen as much better as the links coming to them are of good quality and from a high ranking other website
  • Where do the links link too?
    Its great having loads of good quality backlinks to an expired domain, how ever if you find they all go to sepperate posts or pages that arent there anymore. You either have a lost link or have to spend some time researching each page and re creating it to make the link work again. Expired domains with links to the homepage are best.
  • Do Follow Links
    DO follow links are important as they pass down some SEO power with them. If you have 100k links from no follow and 10 links as do follow it means that although you have a lot of backlinks. Most of the sites linking to you arent willing to pass down any power from their websites.

What Makes For Good Expired Domains

So lets go through what would make for a good expired domain. Using the list above you need to fine check all of these points. The domain should have been receiving a good amount of traffic to the site previously as a good DR is great but having actual traffic coming through the site will help your long-term goal of growing your money site.

Make sure it has a more equal balance of referring domain backlinks to backlinks. For instance if I had 300 backlinks but only 10 referring domains, It means that only 10 different websites have made of of them links. So aim for higher referring IP’s.

Of course if it does have a high DR this is great but not essentially everything. Make sure the quality of the backlinks are good as this makes a huge difference. Look for genuine links from websites that arent spammy, link building websites or websites that are completely un associated with your.

Find a domain that has many “dofollow” backlinks that as this means it will have been rated better especially if the “dofollow” backlinks are coming from ore authoritative sites.

What is a Bad Expired Domain

A bad domain can be one of many things. If it was used as a PBN before its usually not worth investing in. You can usually find this by checking its links or old posts and seeing if there is a lot of keyword stuffing through the titles and content. Or through the outgoing links it has made. Guest posting and other give away signs.

A major one to look out for is where the backlinks have come from. If you see a lot of Chinese looking backlinks with do follows. And you search them and they lead to a website in a different language with hundreds of links. Then stay far away. These are usually used to bring down websites ratings by linking to them with really bad rated sites.

So if I had a website that I just sent links on to to their websites, it would eventually get rated really bad as search engines would realise that it is just a link building site. How ever people can use this to their advantage by sending hundreds of links from these types of sites to a competitors website to bring down his search engine rating. Leading to less traffic.


It isnt impossible to fix this as you can disavow links but it is more of a process than simply looking for another expired domain instead.

Where You Can Find Expired Domains

The best place to find them unfortunately are paid, places like Spazilla or Domcop. They will provide you with a detailed analysis of each expired domain so you can make a better informed decision o which one to buy for PBN blog.

There are other free alternatives but it will take some more time searching and that is www.expireddomains.net. Here you will find thousands of expired domains or ones for auction andusing the SeekaHost search bar you can easily buy them once you found your perfect expired domain.

Why You Need to Use Expired Domains

Now that we have gone through what expired domains are and what you need to look for. Lets go through exactly why you need to use them.

As we have spoke about through out the article expired domains come with some pre existing authority, ranking or traffic. So by using expired domains rather than brand new domains with 0 ranking you will have a big head start to building your PBN.

Private Blog Networks are created for the sole purpose of growing another site known often as a money site. So it is extremely important that the backlinks you are creating come from a domain with SEO power it can hand down to your main site.

By sending a link from a low ranked site, it does not have any power to pass and if it is ranked badly then that will reflect on the backlink it gives out too.

What is a Private Blog Network?

what is a pbn

So to answer the main question if you are new to this or simply want to brush up on some knowledge. A PBN is a number of blogs you hold in a network that independently link to your main money site. The reason for this is to pass down some of its domain authority. We do this by buying expired domains with some pre existing good backlinks that have already been ranked higher than a normal site due to its history.

A link provided by a site with more authority will give some of its authority over to the site it is linking to as long as it’s a “dofollow” link. This is why PBN’s are so popular as they can… click here to continue reading.


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