Does Updating Your PBN With “Same Computer” Create Footprints?

Worried about PBN Footprints and thinking that updating your PBN blog from the same computer will create footprints?

Want a simple, no-nonsense answer?


Updating your PBN blogs from the same computer would not create footprints.

Your PBN site won’t get deindexed or penalized in any other way.

But won’t Google know that I am managing all these PBN blogs if I use the same IP address?

Let’s get one thing straight first. Google isn’t going around the web checking what IP address is used to update which blog.

They don’t have that much time.
Or even the need to do that.

Unless your PBN blogs are scamming or spamming the readers, Google won’t come after you or your private blog network.

Don’t raise red flags like spun and copied content, and you’d be in the clear.

Now suppose Google or anyone else finds out that one IP address is being used to update 20, 50, or even 100 blogs. They still have no business questioning or penalizing you.

Don’t believe me?

Okay, just picture a hosting company.

The company has thousands of websites and blogs hosted with them. And they have a tech team that manages these hosted sites.

Now one tech support provider from the company works on hundreds of sites each day.

And guess how many devices they use?

Yes, just one.

Each tech support personnel at the hosting company uses just one PC to do their day’s work.

Would Google penalize all those sites?
Or the tech service provider?
Or the hosting company?

Obviously not.

So the same IP address will not be the focal reason why your PBN network gets flagged by Google.

However, if your site comes under scrutiny due to some other tell-tale signs of PBN, things change. In such cases, the same IP address being used to update the blogs further validates Google’s doubts about your PBN.

How To Not Create PBN Footprints?

To avoid blowing up your cover, use the following tips.

  • Don’t use the same browser (like Google Chrome) to update and manage all your PBN sites. Use Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and other browsers too.
  • Use a VPN to mask your IP address. Keep changing the VPN location while handling different blogs.
  • Use different IP hosting for your PBN. For example, use a mix of A, B, and C class hosting.
  • Register your PBN blogs with unique Start of Authority (SOA) email addresses. SOA email is the one that you give while registering with your hosting company. The same SOA for all the blogs in your PBN will confirm singular ownership.
  • Don’t just use @gmail.com or @yahoo.com email addresses. Use some [email protected] types emails too.
  • Don’t host your PBN blogs on IP addresses and host servers that have a lot of spammy or deindexed sites. Google will quickly sniff out the connection that way.
  • Don’t register all your domain names at the same time. It will also be a clear giveaway. Make sure you maintain intervals between the time of registering these domains.
  • Host your PBN blogs on servers and data centers in different countries.
  • Don’t blatantly block all bots and crawlers. Blocking bots is important to not let your competitors trace and track your PBN blogs. But if you block all the bots on all your PBN blogs, it will raise suspicion in Google’s eyes too. Keep the blocking limited to the bare essentials.
  • If you are using Google Analytics on your PBN blogs, make sure they have different tracking IDs. Same tracking IDs will help Google trace all the sites in your network to you.

With SeekaHost PBN hosting, you get up to 2000 unique IP addresses to host your PBN blogs. We also offer 24/7 live support, private name servers, and individual control panels.

Plus, your hosting profile will be completely natural with a mix of A, B, and C class multiple IP hosting.

So, even if you have just one computer, you can use it to update your PBN blogs.

With these tips and SeekaHost PBN hosting, you’d not create obvious footprints.

So you’d be safe from Google’s penalties.

And you’d still be getting the benefits of your PBN blogs.

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