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Class A IP addresses are of extreme relevance for large scale businesses, and their SEO. Class A IP addresses look somewhat like – and the “network” includes a 3 digit number that can range from 0 to 127.

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What is Class A IP Hosting?

To host sites using Class A IP addresses is where you seek for SEO focused hosting and this A Class IP addresses are the most in demand IP address type. Class A IP addresses which ranges from 0-127 in the first byte and these IPs are designed for use by large businesses. A Class IP addresses are for huge businesses especially those deployed by ISPs. And it supports up to 16 million hosts, which are connected devices to the network such as computers, servers, routers…etc.

SeekaHost provides A Class IP Hosting that comes with private name server and SOA record which gives you the confidence that the search engines can’t find the server origin or hosting location.

Why get A Class IP address?

Using A Class IP hosting helps your site in various ways. Some believe it helps your search rankings using unique multiple IPs, great uptime and fast load times. Therefore, whether you run a large network of sites or just want to maximize your search rankings, getting multiple A Class IP Hosting is key to building the best PBN SEO.

PBN SEO is not magic which means that it should be handled very safely to sustain the ranks. SeekaHost offers A Class IP Hosting packages that comes from different countries IPs to make it safe and ensure search engines are able to trace the origin.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An IP address looks like – and the Class A IP addresses are of extreme relevance for large scale businesses, and their SEO. Class A IP addresses look somewhat like – and the “network” includes a 3 digit number that can range from 0 to 127.

Looking at the first octet of the IP address can help you identify if it is an IP from class A.

If the first bit of the first octet is a binary 0, you are looking at a Class A address. Thus, an IP address that starts with 0 up till 127 in the first octet is from class A.

As mentioned above, the first of the first octet in class A address is 0. The lowest one in the range can be 000.000.000, decimal 0. And the highest one can be represented by 01111111, decimal 127.

In class A, only the first octet is used to represent the network number. So it can have numbers between 1 and 126. (Given that 0 and 127 are reserved and cannot be used)

Now there are three octets remaining now for the host portion. This gives us 24 bits.

Vast networks use class A IP addresses like those put to use by ISP (Internet Service Providers). Google DNS used the A class address

A class A network provides too many possibilities for one campus or company. It is because almost 17 million host addresses are available in a class A network.

Yes, your domain will be hosted on a unique IP address and you can see it under each blog information. Your blogs with be hosted on unique A, B and C class IP addresses without any footprints.

SeekaHost WordPress blog hosting is the fastest hosting solution for private blog network owners. Try hosting your domains with a free trial and you will see the speeds.

You will get 1GB hosting space for each blog. If you need more space as your blogs grow, you can buy an addon with more space for the blog you need. Open a support ticket for any questions regarding space and bandwidth.

Yes, you can only host WordPress blogs with the control panel. If you need to host any other CMS, including HTML sites, please visit our page and buy the premium packages as listed.