Frequently Asked Questions

What is SeekaHost PBN Hosting control panel?

Thousands of customers use SeekaHost PBN Hosting since we launched Private Blog Network Hosting on and we wanted to build the best PBN Hosting control panel to give a solution builds a PBN with One Click WordPress Installation options.

Via the Blog hosting control panel, you can easily host a domain on Class A, B or C IP address hosting and securely create a private blog. SeekaHost PBN Hosting solution is the world's best and most used private blog network hosting the services web application. Built for high performance and safety of private blog networks.

Can I move my existing website from another provider to you?

Absolutely yes. You can migrate your website from any other hosting provider to us. You can contact our customer support for more information about the process or help. Our customer friendly support will make things so easy for you.

Can I host non-WordPress Blogs?

You can only host WordPress blogs via the but if you want to host non-WordPress Blogs such as HTML sites and any other CMS you can get hosting at and it has over 20,000 active users worldwide who hosted various private blogs. You can get all the needed customizations there.

How long does it take to host a PBN?

60 SECONDS. Yes, you can get your WordPress blog online in less than 60 seconds with the one-click WordPress installer option.

Am I allowed to host any niche blogs?

Yes, if they legal to operate on the web acts on good faith to make the web a better place for the readers. We support good business and expect you only use our PBN hosting to build genuine blogs and publish accurate data/content/media.

If we get any complaints from authorities to investigate on a particular blog/website, we will directly contact you. Immediate action will be taken on blogs that doesn’t comply to our policies.

Do I get 24/7 live support?

Yes, you will get live chat support, responsive ticketing system or phone support via a call back from SeekaHost PBN hosting services experts. Customer friendly chat support make things cool and easy for the beginners & added advantage for experts.

Can I remove or add domains later?

Yes, you hold the complete control over your account and domains. You can add or remove the domains anytime during your subscription period. Even you can remove and replace the domain with another domain.

Do I get hosting with Multiple IP addresses?

Yes, you get the best IP addresses from over 15 server locations around the world. With over 2000 IPs at SeekaHost for multiple IP hosting, we select the best IP blocks to assign for the PBN hosting plan in the

If you want up to 2000 IPs for your private blog network you can get at the and on this site you will get the premium hosting with class A, B and C Class IP addresses.

Can I use a free trial to test PBN Hosting?

Yes, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial and you will not be charged during the first 7 days. So, you can use the SeekaHost PBN hosting and test everything before paying for the private blog network hosting plan.

Can I host PBNs that gets tons of traffic?

Yes, we build our PBN hosting solution to not put limits in anyone growing their blogs. You can get tons of traffic to your blogs and we encourage you to scale your PBNs with organic traffic so their power increases. If your account reaches the bandwidth limitations, you can increase bandwidth by contacting our support team.

Is SeekaHost PBN Hosting the best for Private Blog Networks?

We are the best when it comes to PBN hosting and are the largest PBN hosting provider in the world with most satisfied customers. Complete footprint less hosting guarantees you to host the PBN Domains with top security with respect to hosting. 

Do you have any uptime monitor?

Of course, we have regular uptime monitor on each servers & IP’s. If there was any drop or downtime, the server admins will be immediately notified to make the needed actions. Our experienced experts makes it not at all happening which guarantees you the super-fast hosting solution without any downtime.