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If you are looking for the best unique multiple IP Hosting services packages, we have the highest in demand plans. Starting from 5 unique IPs to up to 2000 IPs as SeekaHost

On this page you can buy up to 50 unique IPs for your private blog network hosting or to host your money site that are also supporting your PBN SEO work.

SeekaHost is the leading PBN hosting provider in the market and been selling private blog network hosting since 2015 on our website.

After testing for over 5 years and using for our own SEO, we have made the best unique IP class hosting services at the www.seekahost.app the world’s best blog host site. Cheap blog hosting packages and the multiple location servers gives you the range unique IPs where you can host your blogs.

Multiple IP Hosting – Class A, B & C

The most used and available IP Class C hosting is popular among the SEO players in the market and you can buy Class C IP Hosting packages on tow setups. One a manually assigned IPs and cPanels for your PBNs and other is the easily host your PBNs, personal blogs at via the SeekaHost web application.

As more and more people started ask us for solution to easily host their WordPress blogs, we decided to open the system to the market Fernando Raymond his SEO consultants team have been using for half decade to host and scale private blog networks. You can now use the same blog hosting platform to host your own blogs on unique multiple IP hosting plans.

You can host your private blog and or SEO money sites using our A, B and Ca class IP address hosting easily.


The Best way to host blogs on Unique Multiple IP Hosting

Using the SeekaHost App is the easiest and fastest way to host your WordPress blogs on unique IP addresses and get online.

We have tested the system for security and use to host hundreds of our own blogs that has grown to become Google news approved blogs.

You can check the below blogs that are hosted on multiple IPs and are all hosted on SeekaHost blog hosting site application.

Fernando says “We only sell to our customers what we personally use and fully satisfied about it’s usability and performance

Start using the world’s best blog hosting services with multiple unique IP hosting on Class C hosting. If you are looking for Class A IP Hosting packages you can check our other web page or ask on the live chat support.

Our multiple IP hosting plans are have the best solutions

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Daily Backups

Secure Hosting

Our Servers are completely secured with Firewall and Periodic Malware Scanner to make sure your website is safe. Regular updates & latest technologies will make you cool.

Advance Filtering

Instant Setup

Your packages will be ready as soon as your order is placed. Don't wait for minutes or hours to setup your accounts. Just drop your domain name and get it in seconds.

Manage Blog Network

Manage Blog Network

Manage all your blogs in a single interface with our super cool features. Save your time and spend it on your business instead of troubling with multiple interface.

Multi User Support

Multi User Support

Add multiple users under your account and make it so easy to manage. Having this option always make it easy for you to manage your blogs so easy.

Guaranteed Uptime

Guaranteed Uptime

Don't worry about downtime when you are in a high secured server with a responsive support system. Host your website and stop worrying about it.

Extended Customer Support

Customer Support

We guarantee 24x7 live customer support services and online client portal system to answer all your questions and keep you much satisfied.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Multiple IP Hosting is a hosting package that provides unique IPs for each site that is hosted, being configured with unique private nameservers. Multiple IP Hosting provides web hosting for multiple unique IPs via servers in data centres in different locations around the world. The prime purpose of this type of hosting is to make sure that all the websites hosted by the same owner do not appear as hosted under one network. Multiple IP Hosting comes with unique A, B, C class IP addresses and private nameserver configurations. A unique DNS (domain name server) for every domain makes all information appear as unique on search engines and this can help with ranking a website.

Yes, at SeekaHost we offer multiple IP hosting but also call it unique IP address hosting because customers can buy up to 50 unique IPs for their private blog network hosting or to host money sites that are also supporting their PBN SEO work. SeekaHost is the leading PBN hosting provider in the market that has been selling private blog network hosting since 2015. SeekaHost offers the best unique IP class hosting services at the www.seekahost.app with cheap blog hosting packages and the multiple location servers that provide a wide range of unique IPs to host your blogs.

IP stands for internet protocol. It is a unique number that will help identify a device or web address. These addresses help transfer data in between devices and help internet users navigate the web to visit a particular web address. This process supports the exchange of data between different computers, routers and finally to websites that users can access. Each IP address consists of a set of numbers ranging from 0 to 255. For example, to IP addresses are mathematically constructed and allocated by the world Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), a division of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as per the web data shown.

Internet addresses are allocated by the InterNIC, the organization that administers the Internet. These IP addresses are divided into different classes. The most common of them are classes A, B, and C. Classes D and E exist but aren’t used by end-users. You can identify the class of an IP address by looking at its first octet. IP classes A, B, and C provide unicast addresses for networks of three different network sizes. Class D is for multicast networking and the class E address range is reserved for future or experimental purposes. The main difference is that Class A IP addresses are used for huge networks to support up to 16 million hosts, Class B IP addresses are used for medium and large-sized networks in enterprises and organizations to support up to 65,000 hosts and Class C addresses are most used in small business and home networks to support up to 256 hosts. You can find out more about the different features of each IP class via Wikipedia or this SeekaHost IP classes guide.

Search engine optimization involves backlinks and search engines like Google rate and rank sites based on their backlinks from websites/blogs from across the web. Because search engines value more unique and independent backlinks higher, it is more advantageous for any website to be linked to websites that are not part of their network but are uniquely hosted via unique IP addresses. Because search engines award a higher ranking to a site that has links pointing to it from niche related sites located on unique Class-C IPs, it is advisable to own multiple IPs for several sites. This allows website owners to create links between their sites without search engines detecting this. To get started you can purchase on of SeekaHost’s hosting packages that offer multiple C-Class IP addresses for each domain name you wish to get hosted. Ideally branded nameservers on separate Class C IP addresses are helpful and safer. This option allows website/blog owners to host more than one site with the on the same server without search engine bots recognizing that the same person or company owns all the websites..

Using the SeekaHost App is the easiest and fastest way to host your websites with unique IP addresses. Once you have registered your account with SeekaHost.app you can find the world’s best blog hosting services with multiple unique IP hosting for Class C hosting. Simply head to the PBN hosting section and choose a plan you like for your websites. If you have registered your websites with a different provider, you can move them to SeekaHost.app for the best multiple IP hosting. If you are looking for Class A IP Hosting packages you can contact our team in the live chat or via the ticket support.

C Class unique IP address offer much more IPs SEOs prefer to use class C IPs to host private blog networks. The SeekaHost provider the best speed via high performance servers for your websites to make a big difference to the overall performance, so choosing the best speed on top of the C Class IP hosting is ideal for SEO with multiple IPs and you can learn more about SEO hosting and PBN hosting.

SeekaHost provides A, B and C and plans to provide D class IP address for each hosting account. You can check online by just searching on Google for A class IP hosting or B class and you will see the web pages with all the details to buy your referred set of IP hosting packages. The SeekaHost.app gives self managing hosting control panel for anyone who wish to host their own blogs using different classes of IP address. Thousands of users use SeekaHost.app and we are confident you will enjoy the unique hosting experiment.