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How to Build Quality Backlinks For Your Private Blog Networks

How you can Build Quality Backlinks For Your Private Blog Networks. Using these methods you will build a successful PBN with backlinks that work well for you.

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What is a Backlink

A backlink is a link from another website, linking a page on your website or blog. For example I might have a Minecraft tutorial post and some information is on another site, lets say its The Minecraft Wiki page. It would actually benefit me to link this other website so my readers can find the exact answer they want with any relative other information.

This is a backlink, how ever there are different backlinks you can make and also different quality of back links you can achieve. Some arent actually very beneficial so lets go through all the main points you need to know to build quality backlinks.

Building a Private Blog Network

The most successful way of building backlinks in my eyes are by building a PBN (Private Blog Network) As this way you can control the link been put out, what niche the website is that links you and many other factors we will go through.

Building a PBN requires a bit of knowledge and we have any tutorials explaining exactly what a PBN is and also grow your blog.

A lot of the work to make a quality backlink actually comes from how well you have build your Private Blog Network. A successful network will have all the right ingredients and SEO power for you to make good quality links as long as you create them well.

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Using Expired Domains

Using expired domains is another key part for the pre planning before you create your quality backlinks. Using an expired domain and building a PBN out of them means you r site has much more domain authority and any link coming form this blog will hold much more power than other sites that are new, or dont have a good ratting with Search Engines yet.

This doesnt mean that a back link from a new domain wont help but it wont have much SEO power to hand down to the site you are linking too. So we prefer to use blogs hosted with expired domains or domains we have build up ourselves to have traffic and a good domain rating.

Use Good Blogs with Value to Them

This is vital, how well the blog is ranked by the search engines will also determine the quality of the backlinks coming from it. If you have a small blog with one page, not much information and contestant links out to everyone in every post. This will not score as well as using a more mature blog, which has pre existing value due to its expired domain and has great content on page that gets regularly viewed by many visitors. This will make for much better quality backlinks.

Make sure to post regularly with the PBN blogs and when you do leave a backlink it has to be relative to the niche and also of good value. By good value we mean all the previous points. So, relative to the other site, relative to the niche, not stuffed into every paragraph and of course using a do follow.

This is why we never suggest buying backlinks. They will normally be hosted on a site that links out to every other site also. This will be likely to get found out by the search engines and scored badly. once it is scored badly then any link coming form that site will have a negative effect rather than a positive one.

For tips on how to create a PBN blog and make money form it click here.

Keep it Relative to the Niche/Blog

As mentioned before, you need to keep the content relative to what your linking too. For example if I’m a photographer and I’m trying to build quality backlinks for my main site. I would most likely use blogs that are related such as wedding event hire sites. Search engines are smart enough to realise niches of websites and will soon realise if your linking to your site using any old blog that will give you a link.

This will prove to be counter productive in the long run with lots of badly rated and un related blogs having backlinks to your site.

How Often You Should Backlink

Although its hard not to leave a link in every part of your blog to maximise how many people will click it and go to your main site. This again is counter productive and over linking can hurt the site as much as linking it form a spam website. Because in effect you are becoming a spammy website but creating this constant stream of links.

I like to use the term “Use them like Precious Gems rather than Pebbles you Dash about” by these meaning that it will be a much better backlink if it is only used once or possibly twice through out an article.

Now of course still making sure that people can see the link and actually click it, dont hide it somewhere people can find but rather find the perfect place for it. If you are writing a really long informative post completely related to yo9ur money site. Then use that particular post to create a quality backlink.

Find one main part of that post and leave a backlinks right there to your main money site. This will provide the best relevance and also be a post that gets shared by search engines more as it is a long informative post. So your not only getting it out to a larger audience but the link will look much more organic rather than you trying to link to another one of your sites.

Using Different Anchor Texts For Links

This is another very important part of using a Private Blog Network to build your backlinks. As we dont want to leave footprints behind showing search engines that we are infact one entity controlling the whole network, we need to keep our anchor texts different.

For example if my main money site is called And I ahve 20 blogs in my PBN. Now if I start creating backlinks form all 20 blogs but thje anchor text i used to link them with was exactly the same that would create a footprint and make the search engines question why every link to this one site comes from exactly the same linked words. This doesnt look organic.

Think about it as being a different entity that own the site so one site might link the the site with an anchor text of “for great recipe’s check our jdogs page” or “jdogs cooking website” or “great cooking tips”

Basically I want to use the words I use to link to the site different all the time. I suggest making an excel spread sheet and just taking note of your anchor texts so you can make them different for every backlink.

DoFollow and NoFollow

In case you weren’t aware, do follows are wat you want when creating a quality backlink. No follow means that they have linked your site but they are not prepared to pass down any SEO power to your site. This is how I suggest you use your do follows ad no follows links through your article.

  • Main Backlink to Money Site – Do Follow
  • Links to Other Sites – No Follow
  • Link to Internal Pages – Do Follow
  • Other Links e.g. Pictures – No Follow

Where is The Best Page To Backlink Too

By far the best page to link to is the home page. This is due to the URL been the most reliable in terms that it wont change. If you change the URL or lose a page you will then have a broken link which wont make for a good backlink. Where are a home page is great in term’s of it wont change unless you get rid of the domain.

Do try to add a link else where to mix things up but primarily the home page is by far the best p[age to build quality backlinks too.

Keep Note of Your Backlinks

Finally lets finish of with some good practice for building quality backlinks. Take notes, create a spread sheet, whatever method you prefer but make sure you are taking noted of any backlinks, where they have come from, what the anchor text is, where you linked too.

First of all i love this method as you have an actually chart to see the site grow but also it means you wont be making mistakes in the future which will create footprints and lead to your PBN been closed down by search engines.

I tend to keep record of emails I signed up with, what plugins and anything else you want to keep different from the other blogs.

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