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How to Upgrade from Free to Paid WordPress Hosting at SeekaHost

If you’re currently using our free WordPress hosting service and considering an upgrade to our paid plans, this guide will walk you through the process smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need more resources, want to start using bigger plugins like WooCommerce, or desire additional features like free email, upgrading is straightforward.

Step 1: Select Your New Hosting Package

The first step in upgrading is to select the right hosting package for your needs. You can easily do this through your dashboard:

  • Navigate to your hosting plans: Here, you’ll find different options tailored to various needs, including WordPress-specific and PBN hosting. If you’re unsure about which plan to choose, refer to our detailed video explanation on the differences between our hosting options.
  • Choose the appropriate plan: If you’re hosting a single website, you might opt for a single site plan. If you plan to host multiple sites, consider one of our larger packages that accommodate more websites.

Step 2: Initiate the Upgrade

Once you have chosen and signed up for the right package:

  • Visit our support section: Here, you can create a support ticket. Inform us in the ticket that you want to upgrade from the free hosting plan to the premium plan you’ve selected.
  • Specify your desired premium plan: It’s important to let us know exactly which plan you are upgrading to so that we can prepare for the site migration accordingly.

Step 3: Site Migration

After you’ve purchased your plan and created your support ticket, our team at SeekaHost will handle the rest:

  • Free site migration: We offer complimentary site migration for any user moving from our free WordPress hosting to a premium plan. Our team will take care of all the technical details, ensuring a smooth transition without any disruption to your site’s functionality.
  • Confirmation and finalization: Once your site has been successfully migrated to the new hosting plan, we will confirm the completion of the process. You can then begin to enjoy the enhanced features and capabilities of your new hosting environment.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about the migration process or need further assistance:

  • Live chat: You can reach out to us via live chat for immediate assistance.
  • Support tickets: Feel free to create a ticket if you have more detailed inquiries or require additional support during your upgrade process.


Upgrading your hosting plan at SeekaHost is designed to be a seamless and stress-free experience. By moving to a paid plan, you not only enhance your website’s capabilities but also gain access to advanced features that can significantly improve your site’s performance and scalability. Follow these simple steps, and let us help you take your WordPress site to the next level.

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