How To Setup a .nl Domain With PBN Blog Hosting

When setting up a .nl domain with our blog hosting, you will need to follow these steps to connect your PBN blog hosting with your domain.

nl domain guide to hosting

What Is The Difference With .NL Domains

So when setting up your .nl domain with SeekaHost. The nameserver and DNS settings setup is slightly different to out normal PBN blog hosting guides for domains like .com or

In this guide we will show you how to start and connect your .nl domain with your hosting and start editing your website.

Creating Your Blog For .NL Domain

First we need to add our site before we connect the domain to the hosting. Once its added we will be provided the IP and nameservers required to complete the connection with the domain.

  1. Firstly, find a PBN blog hosting package to suit you or have an existing one ready to start your blog on.
    pbn blog hosting packages
  2. Now login to your dashboard and select PBN Blogs to connect your blog.
    pbn blog hosting
  3. This page will display your current PBN blogs if you have any. On the top right click on create new blog to get started.
    create PBN blog on seekahost for .nl domain
  4. On this page you will now need to insert your domain, select a category (created on the previous page), add a blog title and finally create your blog by clicking on add blog.
    add pbn blog hosting site for .nl domain
  5. You will then be re directed to the list of blogs you have. Once the status changes to “online” you can click on action to the right of the domain to continue to connect it with your domain.
    domain and hosting online

How To Connect Your .NL Domain To Hosting

Once you added your site using the guide above, its now time to connect your domain. Access your blog by clicking action button to the right of your blog, in the list of sites you host.

setup nl domain for pbn


Take a note of your:

  • Blogs IP Address

pbn blog ip

  1. Go to your dashboard and visit your Domain management section. Then click on the action button to the right of the domain your connecting to your blog.
    domain management for nl domain
  2. Go to your nameservers section and choose “default nameservers” and save.
    nameservers for nl domain
  3. Now navigate to your “DNS management” section and change your A record to reflect the below infomration.
    – Subdomain = *
    – Record Type = A (Address)
    – Address/Hostname = The IP of your blog, eg.
    – Priority = Leave this blank
    Now save the changes.dns setup for .nl domain
  4. Now thats it! They will now propagate on the own, which can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours. To check on the status please go to your site table and underneath your nameserver information you can click on to check if your nameservers and IP match.
    leafdns checking blog ip
  5. Once you have checks next to the nameserver and blog IP sections you can enable the SSL certificate from your blog table page. On the right you will notice the SSL option. Click this and enable it.
  6. Finally you can view the login information by going to “accounts manage” to the right site of your blog table. And you can sign into your blog by clicking the “site login” option.
    log in to pbn blog site


So we hope this helps you setup your .nl domain easily. If you still have any problems with setup you can always send in a support ticket for our staff to help you resolve this or talk to an agent on live chat from any of our pages on

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