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How to Transfer Your Blog To Another Package on SeekaHost

In this tutorial we take a look at how you can transfer your entire website to another hosting package on for free.

blog transfer on seekahost

How Does Blog Transferring Work?

This service is used to move an entire website you have built from one hosting package to another. For example you might want to update your hosting for more space or other requirements.

Using our blog transfer tool you can easily swap over to the new hosting by moving your blog for free. The whole process is easy and doesn’t take long at all to complete!

Guide To Transferring Your Blog

  1. Purchase your new hosting package that you want to move your blog to. Once its purchuased it will show as available in your list to transfer too.
    upgrade blog hosting package
  2. Once purchased you can navigate to our blog transferring page.  >> Blog Transfer page
  3. On the left box you want to choose the blog you want to move. Firstly, choose the current hosting to show the blog list within in it.
    easy blog transfer option with seekahost
  4. Next, on the right box you need to select the new hosting package you want to upgrade to and click on the domain on the left hand side to move it to the right side, ready for transfer.
  5. Once the blog is ready to transfer on the right hand side, click on transfer. This is located underneath both boxes to complete the transfer.
    transfer blog for free


Transferring the blog is easy and can be done in a few minutes. Once complete please allow it some time to get the blog swapped over and then you can find it in your new hosting. Login using the account manage information and your ready to go!