The Future of WordPress Hosting, a Run Down of How SeekaHost Does Hosting

Welcome to the future of WordPress Hosting using the SeekaPanel for easy and fast WordPress management.

the future of fast, easy and reliable WordPress hosting

Host Create and Optimise Your Websites

On we provide one of the best WordPress management systems for easy, fast and reliable WordPress site/blog management.

Our main has always been to make it easier for users to host their sites, manage their sites and find success in the online field they specialise in. This is why the SeekaPanel is different to the cPanel, Wix or other website management systems.

Some of the problems faced with these other systems range from overly complicated for a beginner to WordPress, with too many options for someone wanting to create a blog or site and get started.

Alternatively other platforms dont give you near enough access to all the areas, with simple usages with only paid premium options. Which limit your ability to create a truly unique website or blog.

The SeekaHost Dashboard

PBN Hosting On SeekaHost

Lets start first with our PBN hosting, the way to host your private blog networks on completely unique IP’s. Making your network truly unique.

Not only is it easy to set up, but giving you the option to host up to 150 unique IP blogs in one place. So that is 150 blogs that will be unique to each other, providing 150 great guest posting or link building opportunities.

pbn hosting with seekahost

Important Features Of PBN Hosting

  • Unique IP Hosting (Mixed IP Classes)
  • Unique Nameservers
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Host Up To 150 Blogs
  • Free Tracking Site Usage

WordPress Hosting on SeekaHost

Now onto the most popular way to create a website or blog, WordPress. This well known and well used way to create your blog or website has many different hosts offering different packages and management systems. But what puts the SeekaPanel on top is the way its been created to be easier, with out loosing the important features you need to manage sites, such as the emails, SSL, plugins, backups and memory usage.

Whether you manage 1 or many WordPress sites, its made easy to setup and manage. This is the future for WordPress hosting, and most of our clients that make the switch, never look back on alternatives like cPanel or Wix.

future of wordpress hosting

Important Features Of WordPress Hosting

  • Easy management system
  • Full WordPress features (Plugins, Settings etc)
  • Free Email for every WordPress site
  • Free SSL for any WordPress site
  • Manage plugins from SeekaPanel
  • Theme management
  • Backups and more..


Whether you’re looking for reliable PBN hosting that doesn’t leave footprints for your network, or WordPress hosting for a small blog, service site or large e commerce store. You can find the right package with us and start managing the easier way.

Our developers are constantly maintaining and improving our service with lots of updates coming to give you more options like on cPanel, but in the easier and faster to use way that we do here on

How to Host WordPress Site in

How to Host WordPress Site in Easy Steps to Host & Get Online Fast

how to host a wordpress site

Find out how to host a WordPress site with in only a few easy steps and get online faster using the SeekaPanel to manage your WordPress hosting.

How Does WordPress Hosting Work?

Before we get into this guide lets first understand how WordPress hosting works, what is required and how you can get started.

Firstly, to use WordPress hosting you will need a domain. This is your website URL (example: and its the way that visitors can find your website. Imagine this as the link to take any visitors your designed pages.

Your WordPress hosting can be connected to any domain, this means that whether you registered your domain with any other company or ourselves, you can still host your domain on WordPress no matter where the domain is registered.

Once you purchase your WordPress hosting, it will provide you with 2 nameservers. These are the important factors to connecting your domain and hosting together. By using the nameservers provided by your WP hosting, and inputting them into your domains nameserver area you can then make the connection so that if I search your domain, I will then arrive at the WordPress website you have connected it to.

How To Host a WordPress Site In

Before we get started I suggest creating an account for free first. This can also be done during the process of starting your hosting but by creating your profile first it will save you having to do so after choosing your WordPress package.

  1. Firstly sign into your account. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up. Its free!wordpress hosting guide seekapanel
  2. Now its time to choose your hosting package, do this by selecting “Hosting Plans” then clicking on “WordPress Hosting”.hosting wordpress website with seekahost
  3. Now we have our hosting package, lets start our WordPress blog by first selecting “WordPress Sites” from the main dashboard.wordpress hosting with guide
  4. Now select “Create WordPress Site” to add your website and start the first connection.starting a wordpress site on seekahost
  5. On this screen, type in the name of your domain (with out the www.) and then a blog title underneath, this can be changed later. Then choose the hosting package you chose earlier along the bottom and press “Create WordPress Site”.adding a wordpress website to hosting
  6. The initial connection how now been made. You will now need to wait a few moments whilst this loads up. In the mean time you can also check your emails for confirmation of the blog starting and your login information.creating a wordpress website with seekahost
    check email for wordpress hosting
  7. Once loaded and it has the “Online” status showing, you can then click on the action button to the right of your site to go to the management page for the WP to host wordpress website or blog
  8. Here you can find all the relative information for your blog, including your login details under the “Accounts manage” wordpress blog on seekahost


At this point we have two options. If you purchased your domain here with SeekaHost, no further steps are needed. The nameservers will already be set up as the default nameservers and its just a case of waiting between 10-30 minutes for the connection to be made. This can also be done by clicking the “leafdns” option on your management screen and looking for the nameservers sections to have two ticks next to it.

leaf dns server

You can now use the “Site Login” button to log into the back end of your website or type your URL followed by/wp-admin and then login using your login details.

How Do I Connect a Domain From Another Registrar?

Its actually very easy and only requires a few steps that we will go through now. This will follow on from the guide above.

  1. Take the nameservers provided by your WordPress hosting and save them as you will need to copy and paste them shortly.wordpress hosting nameservers
  2. Go to your domain registrar and find the “Manage nameservers” area. Change it from default nameservers to custom nameservers.changing nameservers for wordpress hosting
  3. Now simply paste your nameserver 1 in the top section, nameserver 2 in the section below it and then save your nameservers. Some registrars require you to unlock the domain before making changes then lock it back afterwards.updating nameservers
  4. Once saved, like before. Wait 10-30 minutes and you can also check by using the leafdns link on your WordPress hosting management page.


Getting online and hosting with WordPress only takes minutes to setup and can be done at home, on your phone and anywhere else! Once you have your domain ready its only a few more steps till your have your WordPress site online and you can start editing.