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7 Best WordPress Page Builders Compared for speed and Top functions


For anyone looking for free page builders to use for WordPress, look no further as we have the best free WordPress page builder plugins here with more details to help you make your choice.

What Are WP Page Builder Plugins?

With WordPress you always get your standard editor when you start, this gives you a great amount of features you can add and use whilst building pages or posts. However by installing a page builder plugin you can change the whole building experience depending on the plugin.

Some page builders aim to give you all the choices for full customization and responsiveness. Some are aimed at just providing an easier page building experience of the user. Lets go over the best free WP page builders so you can make your choice on what one you want to use.

1. Elementor Page Builder

elementor page builder plugin

Arguably one of the best page builders you can get for free, elementor gives you one of the largest range of customization and also and easier way to construct your page or post. It integrates well with other plugins and even SEO plugins like AIOSEO.

There is a number of free add on plugins that can be used with elementor to give you even more free design block choices. Anything from progress bars, price charts or displays, different and filterable gallery’s and much more. It allows to design in responsive views and even set your own custom screen size so that it perfectly fits any screen you want it too.

Elementor Features:

  • Drag & drop page builder
  • Highly customizable
  • Responsive for all screen sizes
  • Lots of free ad-ons
  • Used with Templately gives you lots of free templates.
  • Motion for blocks

page builder for wordpress elementor

Free vs Premium

The free version gives you more than enough designing power, this can be found on the plugins list on your WordPress or on the WordPress repository online.

The premium version starts at $59 for 1 website and has the following extra features.

  • 100+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • WooCommerce Store Builder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Pop up Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Marketing Tools
  • Premium Support

2. Brizy Page Builder

best free page builders wordpress brizy

This amazing website builder is extremely easy for even a beginner to get started with. Its has a modern look and works smoothly and reliably. The building process is similar but also different.

As you build your blocks for your page it first gives you the choice to create your own or choose one of their pre made templates for the section (they are quite good). There are free and premium blocks you can add and I commend them for the design.

If you choose create your own you get a similar experience to elementor with the widgets you can use on the left, and your given the ability to drag and drop them to the section you want. When you click on a section you get an easy to use bar pop up on top that gives you more quick editing options but also the “edit” section that included motion and other settings to customise.

Brizy Features:

  • Drag & drop builder
  • Very easy to start building for beginners
  • Includes pre made blocks to use (even in the free version)
  • Great customization
  • Good features given for free version

brizzy page builder wordpress

Free vs Premium

The free version gives you more than enough options for website page building. Its gives your accordions, countdowns, info boxes and more how ever it does lack a couple of things in free such as gallery and a table feature. These however can be given with extra plugins so its use its still fine.

The premium version starts from £39 per year for 1 site and gives you the “premium features” on the builder as well as these features:

  • 1 Year Updates & Support
  • Pop-up & Alerts Builder
  • Theme Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder

3. Beaver Builder Plugin

beaver page builder for wordpress

This great and intuitive page builder is similar to tagdiv composter but I personally find it easier to use. Another drag and drop page builder with high customization for every block. As most free version you only get the basic blocks to use but for the most part you can customise these enough to get a great finished product.

This includes templates, individual block settings and a very easy way of creating the correct columns to make your page look responsive and load well when opened. All together a great and very popular page builder plugin for making great looking pages.

Beaver Builder Features:

  • Responsive editing
  • Easy drag and drop builder
  • Free page theme templates
  • Good integration with other plugins
  • Easy editing or additional CSS or JavaScript

beaver page builder plugin on wordpress

Free vs Premium

The free version gives you all the basic elements used for page building. Its highly responsive, created fast loading pages but can sometimes lack in blocks to use when you want to add further features. The way i get around this is by using a free plugin to add shortcodes. This integrates well and allows you to create short code of the feature and place it with beaver builder.

The premium version starts at $99 per year for a standard plan. This gives you all the beaver builder modules as well as the following features:

  • Unlimited sites usage
  • 1 Year support
  • Premium templates

4. Page Builder by Site Origin

best wordpress page bulder by siteorigin

This page builder has a less modern style of building but will suit certain people very much. For those that prefer the more old school page editor of WordPress will love this page builder. It not only uses the older style page editor style but the entire building process is different. Rather than blocks, you use widgets to build the areas once you decide on the rows. I would suggest following the prompt to download and activate the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle as its free and gives you lots more options for free than the last editors once downloaded.

SiteOrigin Page Builder Features:

  • More free features that other builders
  • Great customization available
  • Older page editor view
  • Easier to customise with custom html or css

siteorigin page builder

Free vs Premium

The free version along with the added plugin give you a number more free features you can use than the other page builders plugin, it is though old fashioned and not as easy and responsive for new users. I would suggest this of more experienced designers that want more customizability like elementor but with n older looking builder.

The premium starts at $29 for a single site and you get some of these features below.

  • Accordion
  • Anchor ID
  • Call to action
  • Carrousel
  • Lightbox
  • Parallax slider

5. Fusion Page Builder

fusion wordpress page builder

This page builder for WordPress is like a mix of the SiteOrigin page builder and tagdivi that you get with certain themes. Its will take over your default editor and replace it with its builder version (it does have an option to switch back) and then you build your page block by block.

The customization is good and also the way it allows your to change rows, columns, blocks and responsiveness to different sized screens. The only thing is lacks is the modal options that you can use. It only allows you the most simple features with the free version, however this can be designed well with the customization to still create great looking pages.

However what it does originally lack in features, it gives you can with free addons to add to your page builder.

Fusion Page Builder Free Addons:

fusion page builder for wordress

Free vs Premium

In this case there is no premium version, its simply a case of downloading the relevant plugin to add different modules to your page builder.

6. Visual Composter Page Builder

Visual Composter Page Builder

Visual composter is a modern and very effective page builder for WordPress. Its suits beginners and experts alike with its high customizability and elements it has for you to use. Its has a large amount of modules for you to use for the free version and is very good at helping you custom design each aspect.

It also offers you page templates that are well designed and look great, they are also easy to edit to make each template look like your own. From custom html, to custom CSS you able to change all sections and it has a great editor dashboard to edit your pages. This is another of my personal favourites and coms with lots of features for you to utilise on your website or blog.

Visual Composter Features:

  • Responsive screen design option
  • Lots of free features to use
  • Modern and easy to use design
  • Creates professional looking pages

visual composter page builder plugin

Free vs Premium

The free version is versatile and very effective at creating landing pages, or any other design on your site. Its professional and gives you a tone of features to design with.

The premium version costs $49 per year for 1 website and gives you the following extra features:

  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • 300+ Content Elements
  • 200+ Templates
  • Font Manager
  • Theme Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • Insights
  • Free Stock Images
  • Premium Support

7. Nimble Page Builder

nimble page builder for wordpress

This is a surprisingly good page builder, offering all the well known elements that others offer. Including customization of every element. This however also offers some options you don’t normally get for free, such as a header and footer builder within the plugin. Additional CSS option that for elementor is usually a premium option and it also gives you a very smart looking dashboard to edit your page from.

For this WordPress page builder you edit using its dashboard, however its a bit more like when you use the customise button on your site. All options are on the left and you choose what you want to do. If its an element you drag and drop it or you can change design settings of any block or element easy. A highly recommended page builder plugin.

Nimble Page Builder Features:

  • Easy to use dashboard for editing
  • Customise custom CSS
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Use of some free templates

nimble page builder for wordpress

Free vs Premium

The free version will definitely be enough for you to design pages, posts and really customise them to look unique and professional. It offers you all the customization of other well known plugins and is  a great free page builder plugin to use.

The premium version costs $39 per year for 1 site and gives you the following extra features:

  • 1 year access to premium features
  • 1 year access to premium templates and sections
  • 1 year access to product updates
  • 1 year access to product support


In conclusion, picking the page builder that best suits you is vital. This is how you will build all your best pages and posts and getting one that has everything you need at the start means you can really master it and improve your designs daily. My personal favourite out of all of these is Elementor due to its versatility to any design and its customizability including lots of free addon plugins to give you more features for free when building your website.

If you are new to WordPress designing, I would highly suggest first starting on getting a domain that suits your niche whether its a blog or business page. As well as that you will need reliable and cheap WordPress hosting to get it online.